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The Urban Garden // UX/UI

I was looking for a way to practice and sharpen my UX/UI skills, so I just decided to design an app, just for fun:)
So I came up with The Urban Garden, as someone who loves having plants but struggles to keep them alive- why not design an app for people like me, who wish to to grow plants indoors?
So I started with the whole UX process, creating a persona, interviews and user journey & flow, and of course, I took a sneak peak into my alleged competition.
I realized that what is needed is a clear and friendly app, that will give all of the relevant care information simply and strait ahead. Important information like toxicity to pets and kids is completely lacking or hard to find in most existing apps. Even information like how much to water the plant, and not just how often, was mysteriously hidden.

Than it was wireframes time! Defintely my favorite part. Maybe. It’s kind of hard to choose. Just one of my favorites, that’s for sure.
So I opened Figma and started wireframing.
I decided for this project to create just a few of the main screens, and not all of them.

Now, after working on the wireframes prototype and getting some feedback, I was finally ready for the UI phase.
I selected fonts,  photos, color palette and created all the icons from scratch (I just LOVE creating icons).
I created the necessary components, and started giving life to my new app.
Check out the photo below to see all the fonts, colors and icons I used.

So, I’m pretty proud with what I have created.
Check out all the screens in the last photo here.
Thanks for reading this!
See you on my next project 🙂

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