Gal Mori | UX designer

Daily Logo Challenge // Logo Design

I decided to take a challenge in which I must come up with a new logo for a prompt I receive everyday.Why take challenges?1. To learn to work a little faster.2. To stay in shape!3. Because it’s fun 🙂4. To be a better designer. This was really fun and challenging to do, and I’m happy […]

Graphic Design // Posters

One of the things I loved about learning graphic design, is that anything is possible.I have learned so much from each and every one of these projects.The main tool I used here is Adobe Photoshop. All of these posters were created during my time at Studio 6b

Go Vegan // UX UI

Go Vegan // UX UI This app is design for people who wish to make the transition to veganism, and have no idea where to begin or what to eat.The app will walk you through every step, from day one, and will tailor the best diet for you, while considering your cooking skills.In Creating this […]