Gal Mori | UX designer

Closet Solutions // Branding & Website

Closet solutions, ‘Pitaron Baaron’ was created by Keren Patrover, just as the coronavirus pandemic started to be a part of our lives, and people started building back their lives. Keren goes to houses and helps with organizing, well, closets.She wanted to create a brand that looks both clean and fun, so I came up with […]

PoleFreak // Logo Design

Naama’s logo design process was challenging and had many iterations. Together we were able to figure out exactly what she needs, and what she want her brand to be and what is should feel like. We found her business direction, and went for it with this freaky, fun and graffity like logo design.  

Daily Logo Challenge // Logo Design

I decided to take a challenge in which I must come up with a new logo for a prompt I receive everyday.Why take challenges?1. To learn to work a little faster.2. To stay in shape!3. Because it’s fun 🙂4. To be a better designer. This was really fun and challenging to do, and I’m happy […]

Shay Mori // Branding

When my father turned to me about logo design, I was a bit surprised. There is something different about designing for family.The advantage was, that I didn’t need much from him other than the colors he wanted- green or blue.I decided to give him both. I designed the business card as a surprise. Something about […]

Missy // Branding

Missy // Branding Netta started Missy during the Coronavirus outbreak.Her love for baking and sweets are showing in every single bite of her amazing cookies.When she came to me our conversation was flowing, and I knew almost right away what her logo is going to look like.When I showed her the final result, she told […]

Highway // Branding

Highway is a bar-restaurant, at the heart of futuristic Tel Aviv, when cannabis will be legalized.The place will offer various foods and drinks, all cannabis-infused. If you want to experience a new type of high, this amazing vegan place is where you should do it. Was created during my time at Studio 6b, as a […]